So I finally sat down, published these photos and started on my very first blog post.  I purchased this Nixon Gold Model Sentry SS watch on eBay from member coolwatch31 as it was a shitload cheaper than retail.  In the listing, it was guaranteed authentic or money back.  I felt pretty safe due to that guarantee.  I did not expect Nixon watches to be counterfeited as they are NOT high end watches. (They average around $100-500.)

Well guess what.  I received one that is a fake, a copy, a counterfeit.  So to help you prevent buying these fake Nixons, I’ve decided to buy one straight from the retailer and do a comparison with the fake before I send it back.  Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.


Fake(left) vs Real(right)
Fake(left) vs Real(right).
Real Watch Dial
Fake Watch Dial
Real Date – See how clean the letters are.
Fake Date – See how the H is printed crooked.
Real Watch Back
Fake Watch Back
Real Buckle
Fake Buckle
Nixon Box Comparison. Fake(left) vs Real(right).
Nixon Box Comparison. Fake(left) vs Real(right).
Manual Comparison. Real(left) vs Fake(right).




  1. I just ordered the same watch from a seller based in japan on ebay (coolwatch31) which is top rated and 99 % good feedback. They claim all their watches are authentic but looking at the pictures it looks just like the fake ones you showed here.


    1. Hey Kevin, thanks for the comment. I hope the pictures helped you out. Funny thing is, coolwatch31 is the same seller I purchased this fake Nixon from. His feedback is ridiculously good for a guy that sells fake watches. So many countless victims.


  2. Thank you for the information. I just bought a nixon time teller p watch from an online store and now I wonder if it was fake. There’s “made in china” word on the back of the case. Is that mean my watch is actually fake? Also, I notice the logo on the box is seemingly similar to the fake one you showed, although I’m not quite sure yet. Can you please specify the the box’s height of each fake and real one?
    Thank you in advance.


    1. Hi there KuroLady,
      I’ve sent the box back already as I’ve received my refund from the seller. Most Nixons are made in China so that would not be an indication of it being counterfeit. The fake box I’ve received, the Nixon logo is flat printed and feels smooth when you put your finger over it. The authentic box, you would feel it indented. I hope that helps.


  3. That’s funny.. I bought a Nixon 51 30 raw steel from that seller as well, one of the buttons came off after I pulled it way too hard and I sent it to Nixon in Brisbane to get it fixed. They told me that they don’t fix it, but they replace the complete inner parts. I asked them as well to check if that’s a fake watch and after three weeks I received it back and it’s working fine again.
    If this would have been a fake watch, I would assumed that they wouldn’t have fixed it, nor replaced with their own original parts.
    And they confirmed that it’s an original on top.
    If this seller offers fakes he at least sells some originals as well 🙂


  4. I also ordered a Nixon watch from coolwatch31-com. It was a 48-20. After reading this blog (and others) I suspected it was not authentic. When I received it I thoroughly examined the watch and box. I also went to a local jeweler who sells Nixon watches and looked and tested functions and looked at the box for a similar 48-20. The watch it self is really-really close to the original. The only thing I found was that the bezel rotation felt rough on the one from coolwatch31-com. The box however is obviously different, just as the pictures in this blog. The real one has a metal Nixon logo which is embossed. The other one is just plain metal print. Also the outer part of the box (which is not in the above pictures) is different. The real one has printing like the model name and number, picture and bar-code. The one from coolwatch31-com is just white without printing. I returned my watch and got a full refund including return shipment.


  5. Hello.I think this watches are OEM Nixon.They are made in the same factories as Official Nixon watches but they have some differences with the watches sold by authorized dealers.I contacted NIxon myself and sent them some links of coolwatch31 asking if his watches were original or not and I¨’m still waiting for an answer.Nixon knows these watches and does nothing..Why?…


    1. Ronnie, coolwatch31 uses pictures taken from Nixon’s website. He never shows the actual watch that he’s selling. It’s the old bait and switch. I can send his photos to Nixon too and Nixon will tell me they’re real. It’s because they are Nixon’s photos. XD


  6. I literally I’m having a dispute with them no over a Nixon watch that I purchased as a present ( only purchased from here as everywhere else was out of stock) I went off their good ‘so called’ feedback. My partner has only had the watch for a month it was supposed to be water proof to 100 metres, when on first attempt it fogged up in the shower! I then contacted them regarding their fault and they wanted me to pay money to fix it. I then did some further research and also stumbled across your blog! Thank you it was so helpful. I have now emailed them outlining my disgust in their site selling fake products.


  7. Hi,
    Just wondering if you sent this back and if so did you get your money back?? I have done this also and am worried that if I send it back I will end up with no watch (fake or not) and no money….?


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